Photographer Granada Terms of Services

Last Updated: January 1st, 2023

Booking your Experiences

Contact Us.

  • In Photographer Granada we personalize the entire relationship with our costumers from the first moment. In this way your experience with us starts from the first contact.
  • You simply have to tell us what plan you want to contract with us to live your photo experience in Granada.
  • You can do it by sending an email, by direct message on our Instagram profile or WhatsApp message. We will attend you personally and guide you to decide the best plan for you.

Hire Us.

  • Once you have decided which plan you like most, we will send you an email with all the information to hire your experience: payment method, terms and conditions, place, date and time agreed for your photo session.
  • When we verify that you have made the payment correctly, we will send you the confirmation of your reservation.

Rescheduling and Cancelling

Session changed and canceled by you.

  • Sessions can be cancelled before 30 days of the scheduled date of your session with a retention of 60€ in processing and handling fee.
  • In 30 days, once the date and time of the session has been confirmed, you can cancel up to 15 days before the reserved date, with a refund of 50% of the total hired session, we will retain the 50% balance for processing and handling fees..
  • Up to 15 days before the agreed date of the session, all sales are final and there is no refund for the canceled session. In this case, we will try to reschedule your session, although we cannot guarantee that we can do it.
  • The Surprise Proposal sessions include prior planning with our photographers. The price of this planning is 90€, which will be deducted from the refund described in the previous points.
  • You can reschedule your session to another day and time as long as you notify PHOTOGRAPHER in the 7 days prior to the initial programming. It is subject to the availability.

Session changed and canceled by Photographer Granada.

We will make every reasonable effort to offer you an experience according to the features we offer on our website.

Although it is unlikely that we will have to change or cancel one of our experiences, we reserve the right to do so if necessary and recommended. In this case, you can choose to reschedule your photo session or a full refund of the price of your reserved experience.

Other Considerations


  • Our photographers know how to take advantage of all weather conditions so you can enjoy your photos, with a sunny, cloudy or rainy day. If it rains too much, we will look for a new date according to your possibilities. If it is not possible to reschedule your session, we offer a full refund minus 60€ (experiences) or 120€ (proposals) for administration fees.

Extend the session.

  • If you want to extend the time of your photo experience, you can do it if our photographer is available. Every additional 30 minutes has a price of 90€ for the experiences. For surprise proposals, each additional 30 minutes has a price of 120€.
  • For example: Your session is scheduled from 4.30-5.30pm. At the end, if you are having a great time and want to have more photos of your trip to Granada, let our photographer know that you want to expand your experience. If available, our photographer will advise you how to spend this new extra time. You can pay the extra time directly to our photographer.

Late Fees.

  • If you are late for your session, the time you are late you lose it from your experience. You can enjoy the rest of your photo session, our photographer will condense the work so that you take home the best memories of your visit to Granada.You can extend your experience as long as you want, ask our photographer if it is available. Every 30 more minutes has a price of 90€ for the experiences. For surprise proposals, each 30 more minutes has a price of 120€.
  • For example: You have your booking experience from 5-5.30pm. You are late, at 5.15pm. You have 15 minutes left to enjoy your photo shoot. If you want to continue your session, ask our photographer if it is available. The rate is 90€ for each additional 30 minutes.


  • To take quality group photos you need time to take them. That is why we limit the number of people who can enjoy each photo experience depending on its time.
    • 30 minutes >
      Mini Photo Shoot
      > max 4
    • 60 minutes >
      Little Travalers
      > max 6
    • 90 minutes >
      Daring Travalers
      > max 8
    • 120 minutes >
      Adventures Travalers
      > max 10
  • * If you are more than 10 people in your group, write us to propose a personalized plan.
  • ** If the day of your experience, your group is greater than our plan limit, each additional person will have an additional 60€ charge. The conditions of time and number of photos will be maintained as indicated in your reserved plan.

Additional Fees.

  • You must pay the additional costs, if any, related to the location chosen for the shooting (transportation, tickets, fee for photographing the place, etc.).
  • For example: If you want to make your photo session in the Nasrid Palaces or in the Gardens and Generalife’s Palace, both in the Alhambra, you must buy a tickets for yourself and our photographer in advance.

Legal Considerations

Disclaimer of Liability.

  • Photographer Granada will not be liable for any injuries, losses, expenses or damages incurred or suffered by you or your family and group members arising from, relating to, or connected with the use of Photographer Granada Website and Service, including without limitation, acts or omissions of the photographer assigned by Photographer Granada.

Legal Age.

  • You have to be over 18 years old to hire Photographer Granada Services. If you are under 18, you need a written authorization from your parents or legal guardian.

Gallery and Photos Delivered.

  • Photographer Granada selects the best photos of your session and makes its own characteristic edition. The selected photos are delivered in a private online gallery, according to the number of photos within the chosen plan. No pack of Photographer Granada includes photoshopping.
  • Your gallery includes high resolution images (3840 by 2160 px), delivered in JPG format. We do not provide files in RAW format under any circumstances.

Photo Usage.

  • You have the right to use your photos for personal use, not exclusive, without time limitation. Under no circumstances can you use your photos for commercial or lucrative use, nor for a photographic competition.

Sharing Photos Online.

  • In Photographer Granada we especially value your privacy. We will never share your photos without your written permission.
  • In the booking process, we ask you if you accept that we share your photos of your session on our website and social networks. If we receive your prior written authorization, Photographer Granada will have the right to use, re-use, publish, and republish photographic portraits or images of you, whether partial or complete, composite or distorted in character or form, or reproduction thereof in color or otherwise, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose.

Photo Copyright.

  • The photographer who takes your photos retains the copyright of all images.

Governing Law.

  • By using Photographer Granda Website and Service, you agree to irrevocably submit and accept in a general and unconditional manner, for any legal action or procedure that may be initiated, at any time, related to Photographer Granada Website and Service, resulting from the application, interpretation or controversy arising from these terms of service, to the Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Granada, Spain.

Acceptance of Terms of Services.

  • By using Photographer Granada Website and Services, you accept these Terms of Service, and you legally agree to them. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, do not make a booking with Photographer Granada.