Enjoy your photo session and


Enjoy your photo session and


Enjoy your photo session and


Photo Experiences in Granada

Why hire a native photographer during your trip to Granada?

We are in love with Granada, its people, its culture, its art, its customs. We like to show the world our city, cosmopolitan and touristy. Granada has a spell that captivates all visitors, catches them with its beauty and enchants them with its people, the granaínos.

We like to walk around the city and check that visitors enjoy their stay in Granada. However, many times we see couples with cameras or smartphones that take pictures of each other, but few together. Maybe some selfie. Families in which there is always someone who does not appear in the prettiest photo because one of them must take it.

That’s why Photographer Granada was born. To help visitors have a unique and wonderful memory of their visit to Granada. A granaíno that will help you live an unforgettable experience in the most beautiful city in the world for a few hours.

Photo Experiences in Granada - Alhambra Justice Door

Capture the spell of Granada on your trip in 5 easy steps!

  • 1. INQUIRE

    Send us our form, an email, WahtsApp or IG DM. We will check our availability for the date of your trip.


    In 24-48 hours we confirm our availability for the date of your trip.


    Once we have checked our availability, tell us what you would like and indicating the details of your stay in Granada.


    We will recommend the best places to capture the memories of your trip to Granada. We will adapt our recommendations to the experience you want to live.


    A few minutes before starting your photo session, you will meet our photographer. Just enjoy your photo experience. 5 days later you will receive the photos of your visit to Granada.

Do not miss your Photo Experience in Granada

Why Photographer Granada?

Because there are simple travelers, and there are experiencers. Are you a experiencers? We want you to have a unique memory of your visit to Granada. Who better than a granaíno to walk around Granada?

How long will my photo experience be?

Most people book a 60-minute session. However, once the session is done, many extend it to 90 minutes, because it allows you to have photos in different places. It will depend on you, although we will advise you of all the options we offer you.

When and how will I get my photos?

We know you will be looking forward to seeing your photos, so we will send you your photos as soon as possible. We give ourselves a maximum time of 5 days. However, our average delivery is 72 hours.

Live Granada!